This particular floor is 3 ½” Douglas Fir that appears as if it has suffered much damage, although in actuality those are only superficial nicks and scrapes. With some sanding and a couple of fresh coats of Polyurethane to bring out the wood’s natural color, it has been transformed into an attractive, lustrous floor that enhances the appearance of any environment. Refinishing hardwood floors can often be a cheaper and better alternative to replacing them. The transformation was stunning!


This dreary, discolored 2 ¼” Red Oak floor has also been refinished so as to eliminate any imperfections and give it a consistent hue. With the use of Early American stain a much warmer glow was achieved. Two coats of Polyurethane were used to seal the color and the wood.


Repairs and refinishing were both necessary to fix the flaws in this 2 ¼” Red Oak floor with a 2 ¼” Walnut strip used as a room divider. Some boards were severely damaged and needed to be replaced altogether while the rest of the floor just required a good sanding and two coats of Polyurethane to seal the wood. The border or room divider was installed prior to sanding and was used to replace a wall that had previously been torn down in order to create a doorway. The border strip acts as a divider as well as an elegant accent piece.


This 2 ¼” Red Oak floor was in relatively good condition as it didn’t have any scratches or gouges and was barely dull. Only a recoat was necessary to bring back the sheen. Recoating hardwood floors entails giving them a light sanding and then reapplying a single coat of water-based finish.


Hardwood floor refinishing is simply the refurbishment of an existing wood floor. In this case the 2 ¼” Red Oak was sanded down, stained with Provincial, and finished with two coats of Polyurethane.


2 ¼” Red Oak is a very versatile wood as it can remain light in color when it is coated with Polyurethane or water-based finish, or it can be stained to a darker color if you so desire. The owners of these refinished floors opted for a Polyurethane finish and no stain so as to keep the natural color of the wood.


Hardwood floor installation is a great alternative to soft surface flooring due to the fact that maintenance is virtually effortless. Cleaning wood floors requires less time and effort and is more effective in ridding your environment of harmful allergens such as pet dander and dust. Here is a 2 ¼” Pre-finished Red Oak floor in a Natural finish. Installing pre-finished or raw wood floors is a personal choice as each has their benefits.


The hardwood floors in this home are 2 ¼” White Oak. Border areas were cut out of the pre-existing wood floor to make room for the installation of a 2 ¼” White Oak, 2 ¼” Walnut, and 1 ½” Walnut border. The border has multiple functionality as it creates visual interest and movement throughout the rooms, serves as a room divider, and intensifies the fireplace’s purpose as the focal point of the room. After the border installation, the area in its entirety was refinished and given two coats of Polyurethane. We even customized this client’s floor with a hand painted initial meticulously placed on either side of the fireplace by the knots of the border.


These refinished hardwood floors have pre-existing borders. An additional attention getter in this unique home is the direction of the floor boards. The original installation was put in at a 45 degree angle so as to create visual interest. The Walnut border acts as a separation mechanism between the rooms.


There are many options available to suit the restoring, repairing, or installation needs of our clients. We, at Nickolas Cimino Floors, work with you to achieve the look that you desire for your home and do our best to meet your flooring needs. Thank you for taking the time to review our efforts. We look forward to working with you in the near future!


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